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    Quote Originally Posted by MoneyForBoobs View Post
    some people wont like dis
    Some people won't like your spelling.

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    Patrick Miles

    Born 1845
    Died 1933

    Assassin ( grandson of Connor, descendent of ezio, great grandfather to Desmond miles

    Nationality: American

    Played a part during The American civil war/ aftermath, traveled to Victorian London, eventually played a part during ww1 and eventually had a son named John who led the order during ww2 and had a son named William who then had a son named

    Well you all know his name

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    Born: In the year of Two moons

    Died: On the eve of the Sun's Final Cycle; (The cleansing and rebirth of the planet)

    Weapon: Long Bow

    Nationality: Hyperborean

    Was around to witness the marvels of The Ones Who Came Before. was part of the rebellion against the nephilim race, who's origins are filled with myth. Took part in over 7 battles along side Adam, who was lead by Eve, which was then called Sophia(wisdom; A title earned after obtaining "The Orb of Divine Insight) and who's sister Zoe (Life) was ravaged by the spirit of Consus,The spirit of the Erudite. These were those who were being banished from the world of steel towers and endless lush gardens, constructed by the divine alchemy of Elohim, who was guided by 'The Good'. His name was written in the stars after the earth was cleansed.

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