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    No whispers?!

    Hoping this was some sort of glitch or whatever, was in a Deathmatch with the highest being Level 28, so I thought ok instead I will treat this as a Simple Deathmatch and won't use my Abilities, but kept killed because of one reason - there were no whispers!! As soon as I hear them I keep a look out but there were none.

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    I think this is an ongoing issue, I have constant problems with whispers, either they are too low for where my pursuer is or I can't hear them over the booming audio systems of the 1500s.

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    I remember I was glitched a few times and had no whispers whatsoever. I won the last match like that too, but since then i know what caused that glitch and I quit the room if I know I'll have it again. But I don't think you get that glitch from your description. I have to admit I don't hear any whispers maybe 50% of the time. Maybe lag, maybe they are incognoto, who knows. I say lag, most of it is lag imo... why? Because I don't see the stun ****on on players' heads about 80% of the time too.

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    It happens. Not exactly sure why. Don't get over-reliant on whispers if you're gonna continue to have problems with it. A lot of the time I have to play with the volume low for various reasons, to the point where I can't really hear whispers. You really have to step up and pay attention to the little things that give your pursuer away. Sure, you may waste an ability here and there, but its better to waste the ability than die right there. Doesn't even really matter in modes like Manhunt or AA. You'll see them coming in most situations. Hopefully it doesn't persist though, that would suck man.

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