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    Advice About Blitzing

    So I am not the best/most experienced gamer around; new at it actually. but what I have learned about using the shield is increasing.

    1.) You do not have to run to use it. Try lifting your finger off the W to see what happens, then put your finger on the W again. This will help you make sharp corners and throw off the timing of the enemy.
    2.) Try to Blitz more than one enemy at a time if you have a teammate to shoot them. Communicate.
    3.) Do not try to Blitz more than one enemy at a time if they are not close together. Too much recovery time can be a bad thing.
    4.) Low health and Blitz do not go together, bad combination. I only try this as a last ditch effort. It takes too long to drop your shield and start firing, you may take rounds.
    5.) Keep your enemy in front of your shield, it is all you have during a Blitz. It is protecting you. Check your flanks as best as possible before your Blitz.
    6.) My opinion, using the Blitz to get on point first is a waste. All of the enemy is looking at you waiting for you to drop your shield. You just became a meat-shield. It does not help your team or you.
    7.) In my opinion, when a grenade is thrown at you turn your back (shield) to the grenade. It seems to help.

    All I got for now.

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    It doesn't cover your legs very well, we can and WILL shoot them. Unless you're like me trying to get an achievement and can't because you suck with grenades.

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    I agree with everything you said but number 6. Using Blitz to gain the strategical positioning advantage is key in most maps. Moscow City (can't remember new name) for example, I move up to C, use Blitz, drop off the bridge and charge right into the right side enemy lane. I normally have a teammate close on my heels to pick up the people using the hall on top of gaining a lot of ground very quickly. I can put a flank on a enemy team so fast because I use the Blitz for it's speed.

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    Thanks for the tip regarding cornering.
    Just throwing and idea out....
    If you know that your blitz candidates are hiding behind a corner just past you, a wide pass by and a 180 turn then take em out would bring u back to cover. Giving you the cover you came from and recovery if needed, while your team mops up. This might also be useful given the fact that declare your blitz and had hoping your team reacts isn't enough sometimes.
    The one thing I can't stand about the Blitz, the recovery. As James stated, the shield drop time is a huge disadvantage. Having your pistol drawn (assuming you have one) would make the Blitz more useful and recoverable, but not overpowering.
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    I think you can be killed too easily by being shot in the legs and people are getting good at it. You nearly need to blitz with a hint of stealth. :P

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    Only 1 shield per round?

    I haven't found a way to have more than one shield per round, is there a way to? IT SUCKS if not! people with cloaks can use them more than once, right? And let me tell you, that is a big advantage, not fair.

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    It recharges passively on a cooldown. You just wait for it to fill up again and go.

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