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    character unresponsive to control inputs

    During the ascent to the mall rooftop to get medicine for Mei, the character jumps to a horizontal ladder at the top of the elevator shaft. At that point he obviously has to move backwards while hanging on the ladder to get to rungs that will allow him to make the final ascent to the rooftop. PROBLEM is that when he jumps to the ladder the character becomes UNRESPONSIVE to PS3 controller inputs and won't move. The game is permanently stuck at that point.

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    Try a different route in the elevator shaft. I never used that ladder and got through that part via a different route.

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    you are in the wrong lift shaft maybe you don't use the ladder that goes across the roof of the lift shaft

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    Yeah, there's a couple of different routes up to the mall roof, and two shafts. That one thats got the horizontal ladder on the ceiling gets a tad funny when you try to get on it. I have got on the ladder but can't remember which approach I took. During replays I skip and use the other route anyway, it's mo quicker.

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