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    List of possible improvements

    Hey everyone, I started playing GR:O a while back and am loving the game atm. It is a massive break from the fast paced shootem ups out there.
    I decided to list all the fixes I think would make the game much better.
    I realise this is a beta and im simply doing my part to help.

    • Launcher links open in Internet Explorer not your default browser
    • No internet settings (for proxies etc)
    • No pause ****on (to prevent rescanning every time on restart)
    • No torrent/direct download available.*

    Game Settings
    • Advanced Video Settings**

    • Limit class selection (1:1:1 or otherwise)
    • Allow friends to join current lobby
    • ****on to expand inventory (to cover your character)

    • Allow friends to join current game
    • Ability to switch classes in-game (in the respawn menu)
    • You can currently be shot from behind cover (not sure if its a bug/glitch/hack)
    • Allow switching weapons in-game
    • Allow switching weapon parts in-game
    • Melee does not always connect, an almost always fails to connect on couching or prone targets

    *Many universities block certain ports that prevent the launcher from connecting.
    Note, once the launcher finishes the download, I was able to use the uni internet to play freely.
    On asking customer support they replied with " if your connection is shared it will be too slow to play anyway"
    Which wasn't much help and I found very rude.

    **This must be added. A simple low-med-high slider just isn't good enough, regardless of the game.

    More suggestions to add to the list would be great
    If Ubisoft does fix even a couple, or most of these things, the game would be much better for it.
    Cya in GR:O
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