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    where i can dawlonde the beta ?

    i reseved a beta key from a friend
    but i can't dawloand the game
    can any one give me a working link and thank you

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    i need your halp plees

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    Firstly, you need to start using proper grammar and spelling here. This is a closed beta where we actually need to be able to communicate properly. If English isn't your first language, lets us know what your first language is and post your comments in both languages.

    Enter your key on this site:
    (North America)
    (United Kingdoms)

    You will likely have to login with your uplay account information first. If you don't have a uplay account you will have to make one.

    Once you enter your key the site will change and you'll get a download ****on near the top right.
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    first i speek arabic becaus i am from algeria
    when i enter this website
    (North America)
    (United Kingdoms)
    its loock to me like this

    and i don't find where i put my key + i didn't get the beta
    my friend send a key for me
    and i speak English but i can't spael it well and thanks for helping

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    I'm having the exact same problem, except I was given a key by [GM]ZeusJones through the customer support section. I've asked Customer support again about where to put it, but I only got a reply back saying I will receive a reply in the next business day. SO I guess I just wait it out.

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    sow........ what we should do ????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    How about ?

    The same page doesn't seem to work with the UK site, however.
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