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    Looking to find ppl that are interested in playing with a focus on stealth and incognito kills. I'm growing tired of all the roofers, runners, and 100pt kills and hoping that there are ppl out there that enjoy the stealth aspect of the game and want to play that style with others.

    I'm on 360 so add me if you are interested. EldestPainter
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    You can add me, ive been playing less and less though. GT is in the sig.

    Sig made by:Zeejay
    "Teamwork makes the dream work"-
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    throw me in GT in my sig i havnt been playing alot but getting back on again
    XBL-GT: DeadlyRThoughts [D.D.C]

    Just get toasty and chill

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    I'm pretty much only on for an hour or two at night now, but u can throw my name in there. GT is in the sig.
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    I know some people have private matches where you'e not allowed to be in high profile at any time ( no climbing, running,...). Maybe that's something for you and your friends?

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    I'm up for that, give it a go, CJDavies82
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