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    Quick question

    I know this has nothing to do with GRFS but now do I put a profile pic on? I looked in customize profile but I couldn't find it in there. I would really appreciate the help guys. I didn't feel like go to another section in the forums for this sorry guys.

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    "hee fisty..login to the forum, then look above the screen next to log out you see that and then look in the left menu for changing avatar..then you can choose to enter the picture in two ways.. 1 you can type it in, bit i don't know how that works..2 you can search in you're comp archives were you're pic need to do this on you're comp or laptop..doesn't work on i-phone..go to google and find you're picture..then you can store the picture in you're archives(maps) of you're computer..when you did that you can choose to look the picture up threw that avatar changing..and when you're done press save..."

    I copied and pasted this from Bassie52

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