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    Originally Posted by spinetooth Go to original post
    they said no vehicles in the multiplayer. That is going to fix a lot of issues, but that going to make a big, new one. It'll take away the excessive amount of Large maps that relies on vehicles, but then again, you won't be able to make any at all. It'll discourage large maps and they'll only be good for sniping matches. I won't be able to get close to a sniper and take em out close. That's garbage. Everything else looks great, since they assured us why and how it won't be a COD ripoff. I hate COD

    also, it'll be nice not having a bunch of little punks afraid to get into a real fight and snipe all the time
    I liked to drive over those camping snipers in Far Cry 2
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    Far Cry 3 Multiplayer - First Impressions - Secret Game Mode - Level Editor

    Ian Higton from Platform32 went to try out the multiplayer portion of Far Cry 3. Here are his first impressions of the new game modes, plus his guess at the secret game mode. Also find out about Ian's theories on the new level editor, will it be the same as before or radically different this time around?

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    I am very disappointed there will not be vehicles in multiplayer. I love utilizing them in the ps3 FC2 maps I make. It makes multiplayer that much more FUN! I create treacherous roads and water ways just to have that option while playing custom maps. Driving a jeep through a small town at full speed crashing into the market and getting blown out of the truck by direct hit by a grenade; fleeing your overrun base from the roof top garage; or getting chased by another car can be hilarious. Getting a bunch of teammates to jump in a truck or a boat to head over to the other teams base adds to the variety. The more I think about the lack of vehicles the more I get upset. The reason I play FC2 online is because, to me, it is more fun than other games due to the variety, due to the custom map creation and all of the silly things you can do with vehicles. It allows for more creativity. The custom landscapes, roads, rivers, lakes, with the option to drive vehicles adds so much to the gameplay. These game designers are forgetting to HAVE FUN!!! I was so looking forward to pre ordering FC3, but now I really need to think about it. Man, I am just really disappointed....
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    Well hello there,

    Let me introduce myself (the quick version):

    I'm a viking comdev from Massive, Sweden, I'm here to talk about multiplayer in FC3!

    I made another thread, let's do this.

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