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    Rainbow Six Vegas 1 still Hot [PS3]

    Get on it if u don't got it buy it.

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    I did.
    Noone on the servers...
    I sold it back.

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    is anyone playing on ps3?

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    Any1 know if there's still players on multiplayer on PS3? Back when it was new we used to play hell out of this game and it was awesome. The second one wasn't nearly as popular due to poor maps. I think the first one was a lot better, would be fun to go back there if there's still some sort of small community? Btw. is the voice communication working properly on PS3 version?
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    People still play this believe it or not & yes its a small community so you will most likely be playing with the same people everyday lol..but the game is still fun .. Everyone is either playing Attack & Defend at Calypso Casino, Sharpshooter at Presidio or Teamsharp Shooter at LVU Campus..

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    what a shock

    I am so surprised that ubi's game that came out only a few years ago has a small community..........yet not really.....its almost laughable that thousands and thousands of people still play a game created in 1999 (counterstrike 1) and ubi can't keep an online community from being small after only a few years.....something wrong here??!???

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    and i also love how he says, people still play this believe it or not...........its really not that hard to believe....People still playing rogue spear and rainbow six 1 is hard to believe.........when UBI so easily gives up on what they create........

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    PS3 play no respawn only and have a couple friends who play. I usually set up games on random sundays. Add me if you want.
    Sometimes Graw2

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