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    Exclamation We want to be able to adjust FOV

    like the title says.

    i want to be able to have the option to change the FOV. recent PC games besides a very small few, have no option or 3rd party way in changing the FOV. im sick of playing a pc game with Console FOV.

    also would like to request to disable ANY mouse acceleration. raw mouse input would be nice.

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    Especially since I have three 24" monitors and most games can't handle the 5760x1200 aspect ratio. Please support us hardcore gaming enthusiasts Ubisoft!

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    this is such a no brainer thing to have in a pc gave, whether they don't give us a slider in game at least don't lock fov so we can edit it ourselves in an .ini or something.

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    Yeah I hope the PC version will have a FoV option.

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    Oh god yes please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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