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    Plea from PC gamers...

    As a PC gamer I'm absolutely tired of the way you are treating me Ubisoft. I've never pirated a single game before. EVER. In fact I've never even thought about doing so. Yet you people at Ubisoft seem to treat us in the PC gaming community as second rate, as useless, thieving, and frankly even garbage. I'm someone who has bought multiple versions of every AC game JUST so I could get them on Steam.

    First of all, let's get into this DRM debacle. I'm ok with DRM. Many people aren't, but I am. That's more then a fair compromise to combat piracy without reaming consumers. However, many people find DRM causes many annoyances. Try to polish up your DRM a bit so that it doesn't cause technical issues and I'm sure many people won't care.

    Secondly, please stop trolling us. I'm referring to the whole thing of "We're cancelling Ghost Recon Future Soldier due to piracy and instead giving you a F2P shooter! OH WAIT NOW IT'S UNCANCELLED HA WE SURE GOT YOU GUYS!". Frankly, that's pretty bad PR.

    Thirdly, I'm going to refer to the whole Assassins Creed 3 control scheme (being and I quote) "best played with a controller". According to Mr. Alex Hutchinson he "doesn't see us investing hugely in a mouse and keyboard setup. I think if you want to play on PC and you want to play Assassin's Creed, you have a controller." - considering how absolutely god awful and twitchy the Mouse and Keyboard were in the first 3 AC games, I shudder to think how horrible the mouse and keyboard will be on AC3. Please try optimising console ports from now on.

    Lastly (and arguably most importantly), stop making us PC gamers wait almost a full month for PC versions of the game that we want. If you think that helps sales in any way...WRONG. Pretty much every gamer has consoles and we can just as easily rent a copy of a game from a local video rental store, at which point you really won't see any cut from that sale, so making PC gamers wait for a game is actually going to hurt you. Every single game that you have released on PC has been riddled with bugs. So at the very least if you're going to make PC gamers wait an extra couple of weeks to play your games you should use that time to hammer out the bugs.

    As I said Ubisoft, I'm a diehard PC gamer...yet I hate the way you're treating me and every other customer who buys PC games from you. I'm pretty much on a powder keg at the moment because I just read an article on Gamespot stating that the PC version of Ghost Recon Future Soldier is going to be coming on June 12 instead of releasing it on May 22 along with the console versions. I expected it though because it's the same crap that you have pulled with all of the Assassins Creed games and I'm pretty sure that you won't heed my advice and you'll do the same thing with Rainbow Six Patriots. So do I expect you to change your ways now as I'm just one customer? No. However you won't get anything without trying, so all I can really do is give it my best shot to get you guys to think of us PC gamers in a different light.

    An undervalued, unappreciated, and frustrated customer. Yes, a good paying customer, NOT A PIRATE AS YOU SEEM TO THINK ALL PC GAMERS ARE!
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    No support for this thread? Really? So no one else is offended by Ubisofts attitude toward PC gamers???
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    im so angry right now!
    i bought heroes 6 before it was released.
    i played it, enjoyed it and then lost some interest for a while.
    then my computer crashed, i formatted everything and now i wanted to download my game again, to see that NO, YOU CANT!, 30 days has passed. WTF!?
    seriously all the **** i needed to read before playing that said "save all files on external device incase of data loss", how was i supposed to do that without a bigger warning sign?
    Digital river.. what a hoax.
    why do i buy a game from ubishop, to find out that i only buy it for 30 days (or 2 years if i buy some extra elc stuff BEFORE the 30 days), when i can buy from steam?
    seriously if i dont get a reply from all emails ive sent, i will do all in my power that is evil and wrong, against this.. this.. AAARRGGHH!

    I own this game.
    I want it again.
    Where is it?

    This seems to be only 1 of many problems regarding ubi
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    DRM comments belong in which is currently nearly 400 pages long.

    The other stuff should be addressed in the individual game forums as lots of this stuff depends not on Ubisoft general policy but rather on the policies of the individual development team for each game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tully__ View Post
    DRM comments belong in which is currently nearly 400 pages long.

    The other stuff should be addressed in the individual game forums as lots of this stuff depends not on Ubisoft general policy but rather on the policies of the individual development team for each game.
    That's where you're wrong. It's Ubisofts general attitude. You're telling me that Ubisoft doesn't have the power to fire the management of their studios who sit there and troll their customers?
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