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    Where do I redeem my beta key?

    Hi there!

    I've got a beta key, but I don't know where to redeem it. I have an account, which I made long time ago. When I enter it, it says I'm already in the queue for a key, but there is not place to put the one I got already. I made a second account (just in case) and it's the same again - there is no place where I put this key I already got.

    So how do I redeem my beta key? Where do I put it?

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    Same here, seems a lot of others are realising this too. Just wait 'n' see I guess :|

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    On that note -
    > The US site is under maintenance , so give it a bit and I reckon there'll be a redeem option soon!

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    same please help i tried both UK and US sites no place to redeem!

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    same here, my code arrived today and I just see a "you are in the beta queue" =/ ...

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    Same with me, I got mine through customer support and I have no where to put it XD.

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    What sorcery is this? I got mail with 3 links, that don't work...

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    Same with me, I haven't got any key because i'm in small country of Europe or not in UK, FR or DE. I think they really should make the game aviable for all Europe countries (or i need to make my ip like UK's or US's). We are gamer's and not some kind of bi**es. If they care for us they'll make the game global or just for whole Europe and America.

    Sorry for my bad english...

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    Philippines, Negros Occidental
    I've got the Soultion :
    Watch this Video, its my tutorial ... =)
    WORK on any COUNTRY
    Happy Gaming Ghosts !!!

    -Lex Mitra

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    same problem here.
    I'm in Brazil, is there any problem with my country?

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