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Thread: How do i change my Uplay/Ubisoft email used? | Forums

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daedric_Godz View Post
    I want to change my email that i used to set up my Uplay account because i cannot login to it any more so I'd like to update it to my current email so if anyone could help me that would be great
    Hi, please open a ticket with support - or call them:

    They will be able to alter the account details for you after a few security checks
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    Thanks so much for the work you have put into this post. I have this post bookmarked in Delicious and will refer back frequently over the next several day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by out-side View Post
    log onto your account here on the forum. At the top of the page is the word settings click on it. Now down the left hand side of the page that opens you will see a title saying Edit Your Uplay Account, click on this. You should now have to re-enter your password, when you have done that you should be on the edit account page where you can change you email address, along with other aspects of your Uplay Account.
    Yap.. I also agree with this. Because I was faced with this problem also & this process was worked properly.
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