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    Week 8 Challenge: Smoke on the water - Combo

    The rules for the song challenges are as follows:

    The rules for the song challenges are as follows:

    1) A song and particular arrangement will be posted before Tuesday every week.

    2) There are four competitive categories Beginner (0--70k), Intermediate (71k--90k), Advanced (91k--any yellow score, meaning the song has never been mastered), and Expert (any purple score in Non-Mastermode and/or Mastermode). There is also a separate "honorable mention" category that will identify the player with the highest accuracy percentage on a purple score. If there is a tie between players, the break will got to the player with the longest note streak.

    3) Each participant is allowed to make a single entry in either the Beginner, Intermediate, or the Advanced categories. If the participant qualifies for the Expert category (i.e., a fully mastered song), he/she can enter scores in both Expert-NMM (Non-Mastermode) and Expert-MM (Mastermode).

    4) Entries must be made by replying to the song thread with your score and difficulty in the title (this way we won't have to sift through post content). For example: 248,033 (Expert-MM).

    5) Please only submit one score per song. If you play the song later in the week and do better, go to your original post and edit with the replacement score and pic. However, if you qualify for the Expert category you may submit a score in each division of Expert (Expert-NMM & Expert-MM)

    6) To be entered in the competition you must submit a picture of the song results replay screen (showing score, percentage, and note streak)

    7) All entries must be in before Monday, so by 11:59 Sunday night (based on EST Time Zone or UTC-5 internationally)

    8) A separate thread showing the winners of each difficulty category will be posted by the previous week's winner, and the selection of the following week's song will be the responsibility of one of these winners.

    9) We will rotate the responsibility of selecting the next song and arrangement each week starting with Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and then Expert-MM and Expert-NMM.

    10) In the event that the winner does not respond to a PM notification to start a new thread by Tuesday, the winner of the next category in the rotation will be notified to select an arrangement and start a thread.

    The winner of the Expert-MM category this week will choose the song challenge for week 9

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    Senior Member steeljake's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    in... score to be posted soon...

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    Moderator rcole_sooner's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    Norman, OK
    Yep, I own this DLC, I may not post a high score, but I will post a score.

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    Senior Member Funk-n-Stein's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    One Nation Under a Groove
    Another song I haven't downloaded. Not sure I want it. Probably will sit out this week as well.

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    139,851/277,322 (Expert)

    So much DLC!

    Leveled up the solos, first run 114542 with a ton of the solo botched. I predict a winning expert score in the 130s, although 140 is a possibility. I was catching some groove bonuses so Hobo should crush.

    NonMM: 114542 -> 118624 -> 132574 -> 138936 -> 139851
    MM: 224228 -> 264661 -> 277322
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    Member cthauber's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    Regina, SK
    I will try to get a score up on this one...just a matter of when

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    Member deiussum1's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Fargo, ND
    I haven't gotten this one yet, but it's on my list to get, so I should be putting up a score again this week.

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    Senior Member ZumaRocks's Avatar
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    Oct 2011

    98818 - Advanced

    I'm in, previous high was 51527 with no leveling. Should be fun.
    4/2 - 60k, then 77907. Will try leveling some solos next, but not tonight.
    4/2 - I lied, spent some time in the leveler, now 81824. Not much gain for all that work but I'm tired and got a fairly sloppy run. I think I can do a better job of tying the solos together too.
    4/3 - 91510.4/4 - 92474 - finally maxed solo 1. Solo 2 @ 92, Solo 3 @84%, Solo 4 @ 72% - fingers hurt
    4/8 (or whatever day Sunday is) 98818, solo's right where they were on the 4th, can't seem to nudge them up a bit.
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    From a beginner's perspective I thought this would be a fun song for everyone and wanted to encourage DLC. I almost went with more than a feeling Combo, California Brain, or Free Bird Combo, but didn't want something too easy, something I've mastered already, or too long, or too hard.

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    Member jvdput's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    YES!! I love this song. I master this one... well, almost...

    Have to practice the solo. This weekly challenge rocks. Good choice!

    Some stupid with a flare gun, burned the place to the ground
    Smoke on the water, a fire in the sky !!


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