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    I just happen to have this for an event right now forcing me to get 90k qualify so I've been practicing, might actually join this one!

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    Oh darn, now I have an excuse to get this DLC >.>

    Still a little disappointed in the version of this song they got and the solo in particular, but it's a classic anyway and it'd be fun to learn. Good pick!

    Edit: purchase made, guess now I have Smoke on the Water, it's time to learn to play guitar!
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    Love the song, but I don't have extra money or hard drive space for DLC right now. Gonna have to sit this one out.

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    94860 (Advanced)

    91%/157 streak. For what that's worth.

    Looks like my son will have to open a Ubisoft forum account so he can post his score, too.
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    77,160 (Intermediate)

    4/2 - 62,361 Only had time for 1 run tonight. Haven't played this song in a couple months, should be loads of fun. Great pick!
    4/4 - 70,441 Leveled it up just enough to get out of the beginner category.
    4/5 - 77,160 couple more runs tonight - getting better.

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    Advanced-107,029 324 streak / 95%

    Nice choice Killer Dude Bro! This is a good choice for beginners and experts alike. This is another example of a song that's not on my Ipod (and probably never will be), but it's really fun to play. As a beginner I've got the main verse & chorus 100% leveled, but the solos are obviously the toughest parts and probably a decent challenge and fun play for the expert players. Solos 1&2 I've got at 60%, Solo 3 at 44%, and Solo 4 at 33%. I envision some sore fingers by the end of the week, with all the solo bending I'm going to be doing in leveler.

    Monday: Had played this song several times a few months ago, previous high was 44K. New high set today at 79,778.

    Tuesday: Spent some time on Solo 1, got it at 90% and then did 3 runs w/each one better than the previous...finished with a high of 90,745...Advanced category. WooHoo!
    I'll spend some time on solo 2 tomorrow.

    Wed: 1 hr in RR freespeed working on current notes presented in the not fully leveled solos. 2 runs- one with 221 note streak, other with 208 note streak, both at 93% accuracy with me still getting beat up badly by the solos. Sore fingers, will take a break and come back at it tonight. New high 93,088.

    Thurs: Spent 1.5 hours in Leveler, was able to finally max Solo 1 @ 100%. But, unable to do anything with the rest of the solos because I'm not holding some of those quick bends long enough. I release the bend a fraction early to get in position for the next note (verified this with freespeed) and Leveler isn't budging one bit. Sore fingers prevent me from really digging-in to the bends at this point, so I'm probably going to need Fri & Sat off, and then make a final push Sunday morning. As it stands now the remaining solos are leveled at: Solo 2 @ 71%, Solo 3 at 61%, and Solo 4 @ 51%. 100K club...woohoo!

    Sun: Took 2 days off. Got Solo 4 up to 61%, but all solos put together are still pretty brutal when playing the full song. If i can cleanup the limited notes presented I could probably add another 2 or 3K to my score, but this is basically at the end of my ability today. I may try a couple more runs later. Score 100,852. Update: fingers are now more numb than sore: 101,249. I can consistently hit barely over 100K and accuracy from 92% to 96%, but solos 2-4 are still in the 60-70% leveled range since Leveler is so strict on making you hold the bend all the way up against the beginning of the next note...can't make anymore progress in Leveler this week.

    I saved my most groovy run for last. 324 note streak with 95% accuracy. Still solos 2-4 are only leveled 60-70%, and I still b u t c h e r the full song solo in spots(partly due to numb fingers )...107,029. That's it for me this week.

    ////////////////////////////////////1 Year Later Update/////////////////////////////////////////////

    4/3/13--Wow, last year these solos were hard for me and now after less than 2 hours of practice my first run of the week was purple 97% at 125K. I'm feeling that with a little more work on the solos I'll have a real shot at 99%...which is what Cgeorg played it at! Wow!

    4/4/13--A few more runs today, starting to get better at stringing the solo sections together, but still making some sloppy mistakes in Solo 3 that I need to clean up. I ordered an ABY splitter box so I can play through my practice amp while also sending a signal to my laptop for RS note detection. Turned my guitar volume in RS down to like 10 so now I can hear my playing through the amp and not great. 8 full runs today, 4 @97% and 4 @98%. Best streak so far is 389 and best score is 133K which is 3rd on RS Buddy behind Cgeorg and MBarsott.

    4/5/13-- 6 runs today: 4 @ 98% and my last 2 were back-to-back 99% runs both with 365 note streaks. Still dropping a few notes during the solo but I'm gradually playing it a little better each time.

    4/6/13--Oh man, today is Saturday and I've put 4 or 5 hours of practice in, with about 20 full runs and also 2 MM runs. A bunch of 99% runs today, but I've determined that RS is dropping my pull-offs and sometimes both the hammer-on and the pull-off on the G-string at note #365(play 3rd fret H/O 5th fret, P/O) in the 2nd solo section and later on at notes #440/441 (play 8th fret, H/O 10th fret, P/O) in the 4th solo section. I can hear my H/O & P/O notes ringing out, but RS is dropping them on me during full runs. Funny thing is RS is recognizing them in Accelerator as I've successfully cleared all of the solo sections numerous times at full speed in Accelerator. If I try to just pick them as single notes it messes me up because I've already burned the HOPOs into my muscle memory. I had 1 run where I thought I actually was going to see 100% show up in the results, because I honestly thought I hit every note decently. During replay every single note flashed and I could hear that I did play every note, replay even showed a x425 hot streak, but no dice, the result was a 99% with 365 NS. Oh well, I've made a ton of progress on this one and I may chase the 100% a few times tomorrow before I hang it up for the week. Oh yeah, I almost caught Cgeorg in MM, but not quite cause I messed up that verse variation at the end, my 2nd MM run was a 96% @ 255K with 308 ns.
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    Might have to buy this one now. Was kind of putting it off for other DLC.

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    Intermediate? (90,857)

    Good pick! I just swapped this out for "Born under a bad sign" in an event. Back in it goes! (Sorry Dead Weather)

    I'll get that extra 200+ points soon to get to the Advanced category. Just though it was interesting I landed in that tween zone between 90K and 91K
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    Hmmm. Tempting. Just spent my last Xbox live points.....
    Well maybe when I get home from buying the Les Paul I can't afford, I'll spend more $$ I don't have and participate

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    Nice job cgeorg

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