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    Bug with patients

    I have six patients who are waiting for the pharmacy. They do not need any medication and when I "click" on them, the game asks me to refresh the page. It becomes a bit irritating ....

    Thanks for your help

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    yeah I have the same thing.. it says the server became self aware please refresh.. yet the patients are still there %100 healed

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    I have been having the same issue, i now have 3 patients that are sitting waiting for medicine that are at 100% and everytime you try to give them medication the game says its lost its connection. Has anything been done to fix this issue???

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    I'm having the same issue but my lounge is pretty full!

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    I have the same problem as wel l have 2 patients and just want it fixed.

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    up to 5 people now :-(

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    I have the same thing, first one person on the couch, and then another. I now have two people sitting on my couch at all times, as long as I ignore them its okay, but how many more will show up???? Rrrrr....really irritating!

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