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    ACR Multiplayer Trouble

    Hi, tell me please about in AC:Revelations Multiplayer, where is the function of Private Messages? It's bug or what? I searched 3 hours but i can't find the b u t t o n, to write a message to someone of my friends. This feature worked in the Brotherhood and how use that in Revelations? Or is not supproted by game? You kill all sociaity in the game, by absence of PM. Why you can't add this feature by patch, or update? It's really missing to all...
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    Well I got even bigger issue; I log in Launcher but it will still start offline mode though I uncheked it from launcher settings. It tell me to log in to acces multiplayer, well obviously Iv done it! And allso I have completed one of the assignments to get Uplay points but it has not send me points! So I guess my game isnt somehow connecting to server or whatever you want to call it! NEED HELP!
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