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    Flying Machine 2.0 problems.

    I am playing AC Brotherhood on a PC through Steam (i7 running at 2.9Ghz, 2 Nvidia 470 GPUs in SLI on the 285.62 drivers, and Windows 7 as the OS) and am having massive problems with the Flying Machine 2.0 mission. Everything works great until I have to fly the bomber. At that point the machine will fly OK for about 30-50 seconds and it behaves like one would expect. After that it will do one of the following semi randomly. 1) become completely unresponsive to control inputs. I can see the wings moving but the bomber will fly in a straight line until it goes out of bounds. About 50% of the time hitting ESC, TAB, 'E' to go into Eagle Vision, or 'T' will allow me to regain control for a little while. 2) hover like it has been pinned in place for 30 seconds to a minute. (usually sinking very slowly towards the ground) Again the wings move when I press the keys but nothing else happens, and pressing 'W' to try and dive does nothing. 3) Disappear off the top of the screen and hover there for 30 seconds to a minute before suddenly diving almost straight down. 4) Turn in one direction only, most of the time to the right. Usually if I can regain control the bomber goes into an immediate dive that I can not recover from until I shoot the ground in front to generate an updraft, and even then about 30% of the time it goes right back into an unresponsive mode.

    Flying over a fire boosts both altitude and speed, but many times the speed bleeds off very very quickly even when I am flying level. Pressing 'W', even just a slight tap, will often cause a very steep and fast dive. This is not a case of my not knowing how to fly, I do flight sims a lot. Also, it is not a case of my not knowing how to fly the AC flying machine, I was able to fly just fine in ACII in Venice. I desyncronized over 40 times completing this mission, with only 50% sync because the bomber decided to go into hover mode right next to a guard tower one time, and even then it was only luck that I was able to make it to the various check points during the few instances when I was able to maintain control long enough to actually fly. Is there a fix of any sort for this problem? This is the one absolutely infuriating bug in an otherwise excellent game.
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    Addendum to my previous post. I have found that if you press the 'W' key for a bit while going over a fire, that loss of control seems to be delayed for a little while. The trick is pressing it enough to prevent loss of control while at the same time not pressing it so much that you immediately dive towards the ground again or fail to gain any altitude. Also the loss of control when the plane hovers seems to be somehow related to what in a real plane would be a stall. It is like one routine has the flying machine trying to pitch up and over (altitude and speed increase routines from a fire are somehow creating too large a change), and when this happens speed is lowered to emulate a stall. At the same time another routine is preventing it from doing so (I suspect that there code that prevents a total stall due to the relaxed flight characteristics of the machine). So you end up with the code fighting the user inputs as one routine wants to flip the machine, another is trying to prevent the flip, and the user is trying to maintain control creating a deadlock.
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