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    Game of thrones Season 2!

    Am I the only one that watched the first season? If not tell me how awesome u think it is.

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    nah, watched from episode 1. never read the books but its a great show. casting has been superb. they have even more money for production for season 2. i really hate king geoffrey, that punk will get what is coming to him. saw season episode 1 last night.

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    The first season was amazing, and the first episode of Season 2 didn't disappoint! My favorite line from Tyrion to his witchy, Queen sister: Must be hard for you to be the disappointing child." Coming from Tyrion, total slam-dunk.

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    That was pretty satisfying. Are you guys watching on HBO GO or on your TV. If HBO GO does it become available at 8pm EST?

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    More like Game of BONES!


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    Quote Originally Posted by chemzero View Post
    More like Game of BONES!

    Please go on. I incest.

    Season 2 Episode 2 was boss, that ending was
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    I will wait till the season is done and then get the whole season and sit down for a day...
    thats what i did for season 1

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    HOW HAVE U SEEN THE SECOND EPISODE!!!!! I thought it only comes out SUnday? Are you cheating?
    Please go on. I incest.

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    Episode 2 anyone? Dam those cliffhangers.
    The imp was destroyed by his sister. I saw that rage.

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    I just watched the first season the other day, and I loved it. The ending made it even more awesome. I can't wait for season 2. Since I don't have HBO, I have to use other means to watch it...

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