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    Quote Originally Posted by xUK-GhOsTx View Post
    Yo Why is there so many release date's for tom clancey's ghost recon Ubi-Mush can you actually finalise a date because i been given three... 2nd March ... 22nd april .. now the 25th of May????? any help here??

    The Ghost Recon site says the release dates are May 22 in the US and May 24 in Europe. That's the only official news I have available as of today.

    If I learn of any changes I'll let you know.

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    Based on the poor quality of the other shooters (modern warfar), I am happly waiting on future solder, as I know the ability of Ubi to provide a good quality game. Everyone is only complaining because of the lack of good common since shooters. I really think that a knife kill in a room when I have a shot gun is totally stupid, makes no since. I was always told never take a knife to a gun fight, but the MW2 developers decided to make that a false statement.

    Ubi take as long as you like getting the game out, cause it will put the rest of these so called shooters to shame.

    This is my opinion and only my opinion, like it or not, but respect it as being mine.... have a blessed day.

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    There is no "Beta" ,time has well passed on that idea,there will [might] be a demo,and a "demo" is all it will be.

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    Ghost Recon Future Soldier beta Q&A - Consoles

    Hey Ghosts, First off, please be sure your question is pertaining to Ghost Recon Future Soldier. If your question/comment is about Ghost Recon Online, please direct questions here.

    There's been many questions about the upcoming beta. To get early access to the Ghost Recon Future Soldier beta, you'll need your Splinter Cell: Conviction disc, so please be sure to hold on to it.

    We don't have exact dates available for the beta, we only know it will be available in April.

    You can see the latest information regarding the beta on the Ghost Recon Future Soldier site.

    If you've pre-ordered your copy through GameStop and you don't have your key, you need to contact them with any inquiries about it.

    Please use the discussion thread here

    PlayStation Plus announcement-

    Please also see the announcement here and the FAQ here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ubi-Mush View Post
    I'm sure you would appreciate a more polished version instead of having to endure loads of updates to try and fix bugs.The developers are very proud of GR: FS, do not wish you to have to endure a lot of bug fixes which they could possibly fix before release and this is the real reason it has been delayed. Sometimes you can't put a time scale on things, if they are not happy and don't think it's ready then more time is needed. I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised at what they have managed to achieve in the extra time.

    I'm waiting too, am itching to be able to play the full game, I've played it twice already but there's nothing like being able to sit down and play through at your own speed.
    Im not really one of the angry mob but after reading this statement, all i can say is you better prey its a perfect game on release because if its not then Ubi need to sack every single employee that worked on or for this game, both for the game and its press.

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    I think we are past that kind of talk..they made mistake in making future soldier to futuristic, not in making a bad game... now they've worked very hard in making a completely different game..everyone can see by the trailers that they are making something really sick..and now they want to give it on a silver platter, by moving the date till may..if it's true what you say, then say it when you actually see it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by jssport View Post
    Ok then ....

    If Ubi wants some credibility back then answer this:

    What is the TRUE REASON for this latest delay ? Why does it take six years to bring us the latest version of one of the best shooter games in the history of pc's and consols ?

    ... and yes, Harpoon (the naval stratigy game) from the early 80's that Ubi got from 360 (the software co, not xbox) that is still currently being used by some counties and military schools.

    While the board game first was released in the 80's, the pc version came out in the early 90's, Ubi got the rights in the mid 90's then killed it.
    I think you fail to recognize that this particular title features technology and weaponry currently in testing phases and needs government approval to feature them in their game. that takes time. If you think I'm bs'ing then you're naive. most if not all tech in this are already in testing phases in our special forces and waiting approval tgo be used in the field and I highly doubt that a video game is on our secretary of defense's priority list. while I'm sure its not entirely the reason for it being held back I am willing to bet it is a part of it.

    Just be patient like everyone else and I am sure it will be worth the wait. Beta is not too far away so we have that to look foward to.

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    There is no "Beta" ,time has well passed on that idea,there will [might] be a demo,and a "demo" is all it will be.
    Thats funny because they have already announced an open beta in april
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    Yes, there will be a beta we will have more information very soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ubi-Mush View Post
    Yes, there will be a beta we will have more information very soon.
    Beta, Demo, or even just waiting until the game is released. Whenever I get to play this game, it will be better than christmas!

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