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    Question Ghost Recon Future Soldier DLC & Extra Content for INDIA :D

    Hey this is sonuyos,

    Actually i want to know that what all the DLC or Pre Ordered Content will be avail for INDIA as the Game is seprately been sold in India and as it was done for ACR that there were some special content containing ACR SoundTrack,Ezios Ultimate Armour & 2 MP Characters...but this time i cheked out the content of GRFS and the special edition for GAMESPOT and it was literally awesome ,but it i snot avail for INDIA and i really want all of the Content...cant it be present in Indian Edition

    Paying few bucks extra wont be a big that it wud b great for INDIAN Players TOO...or u can Include it in game like ACR for the same price or PRE ORDER Editon...plz Look in to this..

    I guess Majority of INDIAN Players agreed wid me so that we get it all..
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    Hi, we do not have any information at the moment for regional DLC. Please keep an eye on the forums and official website for updates.
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    wat bout this

    i mean Indian Distributors Named FlipKart Giving DLC....can u please tell me the inclusives??
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