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    Modern Day RUSE

    I was thinking and they should really make another RUSE but with Jets and Modern day vehicles. i really think it would be a really good idea.

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    yep me to. i wonder how many people will give you a feedback

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    How many threads could there be about this. We've all heard it so don't start a new thread about the same exact thing.

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    Well. If you have a capable computer, there's Wargame: European Escalation

    Which was just released by the Eugen systems (aka the people who made RUSE) and it plays nearly identically to RUSE just set during the Cold War Era (so essentially modern day combat)

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    I would love a game like this TBH as Ubisoft has the rights to TC's name I'd rather them do a game more like RUSE set during the time of Red Storm Rising than another endwar (which only focused on the land combat even though TC books focus mostly on naval and aerial battles and tactics). I'd love to see RUSE and TC's ENDWAR make a kind of crossover using RUSE's gameplay with ENDWARS units, setting, and online mode types (constant WW3).

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    your arguments are invalid... and wargame has a totally different gameplay to RUSE, only the engine is upgraded.

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