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    Need help with forum rules

    What i really want to ask is do forum suspensions transfer to ingame.
    #sidenote. If the same mp formula is included in AC:III can you atleast have the a.i. in the training ground use ablities, and escape a little more like an actual person would. For example, using smokebomb to secure a stun, Using chasebreakers in excapes, and BLENING better.
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    Is that really needed?
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    Originally Posted by TaRabidWesmann Go to original post
    Is that really needed?
    Well you see. I can take being suspended from foruming..

    However. If i get suspended hereand can't get on psn to offesnsive poison pppl then i will rage. And when i rage, electronics have good reason to fear me.
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    next time PM me if you got a question. geez...

    anyway, no. forum suspension does NOT transfer to in game... but it may affect your uplay (haven't confirmed this since i haven't had the need to). if you want to not worry about it, then just stop acting the way you've been on the forum. simple as that. if you got issues, take them up with ubi... not on the forum. doing the latter makes you no more than a troll. if you wish to continue this conversation, PM me or another admin. topic closed.
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