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    set up position bug

    No matter what I do, I cannot get Set Up Position to allow black to make the first move. Does anyone know of a solution?

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    No one has responded to my query. Am I the only one who experiences this problem?

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    Set Up Position Bug

    Quote Originally Posted by mtpattonar View Post
    No one has responded to my query. Am I the only one who experiences this problem?
    Oh yes, same here. Sorry it's taken 4 years for me to think of searching for this issue.
    I've tried:
    Switch Sides,
    Flip Board,
    Set Up New Position with
    White to Move First,
    Black to Move First,
    Myself as the top player with another human as the bottom,
    Another human as the top player with Myself as the bottom player,
    Also tried all scenarios with myself playing against the computer.

    None let black make the first move... at least not with my copy of the game on my computer in my time zone at this latitude and altitude.

    I guess I'll make a stall move with white to give tempo back to black, but I think the function is either broken or very much counterintuitive.

    The rarity of this issue gives me pause though. Is it just a couple of people on the planet that would need to load a mid or late game setup into CM that requires black to make the next move? This is as interesting as it is frustrating.

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    Really, responding to a post that's seven years old?

    Not to mention, your answer is extremely convoluted. There's a set of radio buttons marked 'Side To Move' In the Set Up Position dialog. Select the radio button marked 'Black'. It's that simple.

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