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    Quote Originally Posted by Pink67Floyd View Post
    Right now im only on PSN, name is the same as here. I'm getting a PC soon though, and will be picking up Driver SF for PC. Will add you guys if you dont mind when i upgrade
    Sure no problem!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManoelM View Post
    Yeah I guess that's the reason. It's strange, I have no problems, but maybe because I'm on Mac and probably some coding is different?

    Have you tried reinstalling it? And removing friends?
    Well first of all MP worked for some time to me. It all started when I tried once to enter my friends list, and the game just crashed. it seems that the reason is when you reach a certain number of friends the game just crashes. so I did try a method of fixing it, but while doing it the game just froze, and since then every time I try to enter MP the menu just appears for 2 secs and then the game freezes, and I have to reboot my PC. Reinstalling didn't help either. And I don't think the coding is really different either because I've heard aboutpeople on the Mac having similiar issues to PC players. Just don't add too many friends to your friends list or it will happen

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    But I'm getting a new PC soon, will post here if this problem will be fixed Haven't been able to play MP for nearly 4 months now...

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    Man, I can't imagine not playing multiplayer for even a day

    But like I said, my game crashed too because of too many friends. And the problem was that I couldn't delete any friends, because well... it crashed when I visited the friends page. I tried it again and again and again and once I had luck and the friends page appeared. I immediately deleted some people and now it works fine! But now again people are adding me, so I'm scared it will crash again. I don't know what the limit is!

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    Junior Member xfanatic's Avatar
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    Hello guys xD

    xfanatic - PC - Greece GMT +2

    i'm Lv 1 who is up for some ffa? ^^

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    Me of course!

    Like shop already said before, we should also try the team mode(s). So far I played pretty much all games: Trailblazer, Tag, Race, Sprint, Takedown, Capture the flag, and Blitz. Only missing the two games in shift-race and the two in team-race.

    Capture the flag is pretty cool - pretty much like in Driver 2 if I recall correctly. Basically you have a "flag" on the road which you need to get, the first who gets it needs to bring it to his "camp" to score a point. Just touching the car is not enough to get the flag (like it is in tag), you need to destroy the other's car. However, once someone has the flag, the car is much more easier to wreck. Once the opponent's car is wrecked, the "flag" will be on the street, ready to be picked up!

    I was wondering what "Blitz" is, well it's pretty cool actually. Each team has a "zone" which is marked blue on the map. In the middle of that zone is where you can score points. You need to enter the opponent's zone, and once you're in you can not shift yourself anyway out. You need to get to the point in the middle to score. The opponents will be chasing you trough streets to avoid you getting there. If they touch you, you need to restart with another car! Really fun game, like it a lot - also love the "night" theme

    How about we set up a date or something on which we can play... let's say wednesday or thursday afternoon (like GMT/GMT+1/GMT+2).. whatcha think?

    We can meet up after everyone's had dinner, like 9 PM or something? You guys wait in the lobby and then I invite you - and we start a private play

    We seem to be enough for a great game anyway, that means if everyone's up for it.

    ****, I'm really becoming an addict. I shouldn't have restarted with video games

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    Junior Member xfanatic's Avatar
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    sure i don't have problem ^^
    i'll try now hope someone will be online :P

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    Cool! Anyway, I am online now

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    Is 9 PM during the afternoon in Austria?
    However I'll be there this wednesday!

    ps: when you said you had too many friend and it crashed your game, how many was it exactly? I'm becoming paranoid and don't add anyone anymore now

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    Oops I ment evening of course :P

    That's the problem, I don't remember how many that was! I'm not too scared however because I always keep them below one "page", meaning I see all friends at once, without having to scroll down. That's always fine. 3-4 more are okay aswell. But I'm careful !

    I will create a new thread for online parties with dates

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