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    Severe Wallbreaker problems since last XBOX 360 dashboard update version 2.0.14719.0

    After the last XBOX 360 dashboard update (version 2.0.14719.0) I had to see a dramatic deterioration in reliability and responsiveness of Wallbreaker. Before, I could regularly achieve scores over 15,000 points wearing wrist weights, ankle weights and a weight belt (my record is 16,915 points, scored on 02/29/2012). But since the update, it is difficult for me to get scores over 14,000 points even without additional weights.

    The biggest problem is that the collision detection has become very unreliable and the reaction speed has become extremely sluggish. The delay between a hit and the explosion of a block is not only clearly noticeable, but sometimes it needs so much time that a quickly taken following punch is ineffective or is not registered.

    Sometimes kicks go clearly visible through a block and destroy it not until the backward movement. Punches against single blocks are often not registered at all - sometimes even not after a second or third hit. Double blocks explode sometimes, when the first beat is followed by only a twitch of the hand. On the other hand, I have to deal out punches really strong and fast sometimes. All things considered, no pattern can be seen. The worst thing is that I can no longer adapt myself to the changes in the Wallbreaker game flow. Therefore, playing Wallbreaker is now more mentally than physically strenuous.

    Unlike before, the camera often looses me now for fractional seconds. Thereafter I'm welcomed as if I'm coming back from a break.

    Needless to say, that I have done everything possible to improve the detection of Kinect. Has anyone had similiar experiences?

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    "Schon, dass Du wieder da bist!"

    My Xbox is so often happy that I got back. In a blink I disappear from screen and then come back.

    I sign every sentence above, except I am not sure about the correlation with the dashboard update.

    To improve recognition, I even cleaned the lenses of the kinect camera.

    Greetings from the Wallbreaker enthusiast to the Wallbreaker fetishist.

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    Same Problem here

    I've got the same problem. Most times it appears when i have to hit the middle block or kick the left block with the foot.
    I get really upset with this, i just can't train so hard i would, if the recognition were better.

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    Hi guys, have you reported this to technical support?

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    It's done. #120331-000650
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    I get the "Where did you go?" thing in Wallbreaker sometimes, when I duck the swinging weight. Doesn't happen often enough for me to suspect a technical fault but I will keep an eye on this part of the game as it did seem harder to register hits just lately.

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