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    silenthunter 6

    ok people , we must serjeus now .

    it was expected that sh-3 server would close forever.
    sh-3 server has always problems for a long time .
    I am sure that Sh -4 and Sh-5- servers will close soon . there are the problems worse .
    I suggest ubi to create a new silenthunter game . silenthunter 6 with a good server .
    beautiful images and good quality , with sub skins that everyone can see in game .
    maybe I can make a silent hunter game . ( battle of the pacific ) a real war

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    You need to get a grip, your out of your mind deepsharks ( kenny).

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    uh, sory. My name is Kristof .
    and you are GBF ?

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    kristof some would say you are out of your mind but i live in hope as well but its not looking good, ubi have gone backwards since sh3
    sh4 had the potential but the multi play was a joke at the best of times, i only ever found one other player EVER online. but it was colourful and it had exceptional maps so it was playable, also didn't like the crew part of the game. the real disappointment was sh5 where to start criticizing this one would have a thousand start points,this is where i felt robbed of my £28.
    the maps were the worse, all the same bah the amounts of boats. no generated games no task force choice and left to the modders to make it playable, contemptuous of its customers is a understatement. so this brings us to now, sh3 seems to be a lonely lobby since tunngle,{ god bless em for keeping the game alive though }
    anyway lets keep our fingers crossed that ubi have a bigger plan and bring us a game with some beautiful images and a good quality gameplay
    yea i know luth same as above

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    were in and out of tunngle more often than not but also play missions and gwx missions and sub v sub { thats a buzz

    see you around

    p.s dito luth

    You need to get a grip, your out of your mind deepsharks ( kenny).

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    After five versions of the game you guys are still hoping Ubi is actually going to deliver a working game that the modding community doesn't have to fix for them? And people call me crazy for cheering for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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    After viewing this mess called silent hunter 5 I decided it too much bull I just want to sink ailled tankers not make play with the crew check for my copy on sale on Amazon.

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    You could always try the coming browser version

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    join the wolfpack is great ! can tell you where this game comes out?
    as I see it is an online game ? this is a game on DVD ?

    I have read my mail .....

    You entered your email address on to win the chance of being a closed beta tester.
    If you are selected, you will be able to play the game before its official release.
    If you are one of the lucky winners, we will immediately send you a beta key by email which you can then use to register to play the game.

    i hope i am the winner :-)
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    It's a browser based game, so there's no DVD or install, knowing other Blue Byte browser games, I'd expect it to be use Flash for the graphics.

    I'd also expect it to be a slow paced game meant to be played over a period of weeks or even months. the sort of game you log into when you have some spare time, it's not one you need to be logged into for hours at a time each day.

    If you want to increase your chances of getting a beta key, you could try applying for the beta on the English server and the German server who knows, you might even get a key to all 3 betas
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