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    BLOG: "Winter is Coming!" by Fidget

    BLOG: "Winter is Coming!" by Fidget


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    I'm so excited for the new season to start! Can't wait!

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    I'm slowing making my way through A Clash of Kings, and I better get back to reading more of that before this season catches up with me! I love the show and the books, I can't believe I never read them before. I think the show is wonderful, and I hope it paves the way for more books to become TV shows instead of movies. A two hour movie can only give you so much, and I feel AGoT has benefited greatly from being a series. The scenery, sets, and costumes are spectacular. I really love the job they have done with the show. I also like that George R.R. Martin is involved in the production.

    I really love Arya and I can't wait to see where the story takes her. Same with Dany and Sansa. There are so many great characters, different characters, and the way they interact together is wonderful. I just love this series, I wish I had more time in the day to read. Stupid work

    I have to fight with myself to not look stuff up on Wikipedia. I'm dying to know what happens to certain characters, but I don't want to be spoiled. Wikipedia has spoiled series for me before - while watching Battlestar Galactica all I wanted to do was look up the actor who played a certain character, and I was totally spoiled for a major plot point! (Lesson learned - IMDB next time.)

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