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    Smile Horse Haven Facebook


    I'm not able to play the game today. I can not do anything: Remove weed, feed the horses.
    Can you help?

    I really like the game.


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    I had the same problem. I logged out and waited half an hour, then logged in again. It worked, except for my foal which won't do anything.

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for your messages. You should now be able to log to the game and play. let us know!

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    Thumbs up bugs

    I've been trying to play the game for three days now. It took about 50 clicks to get one horse to the hay. My other horse won't go eat the hay and I've clicked on the hay just as much. Now one horse wants sleep but where do I put her? I've clicked on the buildings but nothing happens. I haven't really even gotten started and already feel like giving up because this game is so buggy it doesn't work correctly.

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    Thanks for your report gschloff55,

    Please, let us know which browser you are using and share with us your FB ID or link to FB Profile so we can investigate.


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    What about being able to send gifts??? You can feed and breed but cant send anything and friends doesnt show up

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    Hey Wolverine--we can't send gifts because it's a closed beta. Once it's open, then our friends will appear.

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