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    Cool Pirate Community had it coming...

    ...and finally got it!

    Enjoy, my dear friends! We shall not stop until they are wiped out from the surface of the Earth.

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    First: Are you normal and are you really think you are cool if you write you will wipe us out?
    Second: We are not immoral, OR illegal, and RPC is odious.
    Third: Rayman Pirate Community will NEVER fall down!

    So i think we can just end this madness.
    Last edited by Rayrobi97HUN; 03-29-2012 at 04:35 PM. Reason: Corrected the name of Rayman Pirate Community from Pirate Community.

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    Due to the content of this thread, and comments made on the linked forum - I suggest you guys sort this out else where.

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