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    How to avoid Blitz

    This is from the Phase 1 Closed Beta. But I am assuming that these will still work for phase 2.

    In an open area with a Blitz coming at you? Turn around and run for the nearest cover follow on of the following tips:

    • Play "Ring around the Rosie". It works. By the time the Blitzing assault knows you're doing this, they will have probably ran out of steam.
    • Got a fence or window? Jump it. Completely avoid a blitz by simply jumping over and laugh as the Blitz cannot reach you.
      • Make sure you clear the fence, if you're still right on top of it the blitz can still hit you.

    • Got an island? Hop on top of it and continue to laugh as you shoot off the Assault's silly face.
      • Don't stand on the edge as the blitz can still hit you.

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    If you are caught out in the open with no clear way to use terrain to your advantage, go prone, shoot at their feet. You can even try doing a prone roll out of the way of the Blitzing player, if you fail to kill his ankles.
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    In my experience in Phase one is to avoid the blitz by letting the dude fly right by. Now if your the dude that it the blizter has you in sight to smash then rolling is a workable option.

    I have tried this a few times in real time and not to sure if i was successful enough to say this is a way to dodge the blitz. I wrote a post on this a few weeks ago. AGEIS is also a pain in the ass mainly because of the untouchable aspect similar to the blitz. I fear AGEIS is more then a threat then the blitz as the blitz isn't something you cant combat with a grenade or concussion nad i believe. AGEIS is crap!

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