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    game won't load

    Hi i am trying to play house md and it won't fully load..what can i do to get it to load??

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    It seems that if you play mini games, especially the Blood Work Lab, in full screen, it behaves a little better. Visit Adobe Flash's website to make sure your player and plug in's are up to date. If you use Firefox, you can type the following in your browser... about : plug ins, then click the option for "are my plug ins up to date", to automatically make sure you have the newest ones. If your browser gives you trouble with animations on other games or sites, consider creating a new Firefox or Google Chrome profile, since your current browser user profile may be corrupt. Here are links for the processes I mentioned above. Hope this helps and have a great day.
    Check plugins:


    Create new profile to get rid of errors:


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    We really appreciate the helpfulness you have shown players on this issue. Thanks.

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