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    Not to mention that building and flying these things does not require you to have it inspected, and you dont need a valid pilots license.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luno13 View Post

    Insurance companies...FAA
    Good point. MAAC in Canada provides insurance coverage for modelers registered with them (AMA in US does the same). In Canada, there is a 77lb maximum weight limit for models. Bigger requires a special license from govt. I think the US limit is 55lb. Go over that and if you have an accident involving damage or injury and you're not covered.

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    Here is a great movie of a 1/5 scale V-12 being tested with different propellers.

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    I like how most of the landings are of the same standard as beginning flight simmers

    Quote Originally Posted by AndyJWest View Post
    ... though why anyone would build an R/C Piper Cub that big, when building a real one would take little more effort, is beyond me...
    In addition to the other factors already mentioned, the builder may be ineligible for a pilots license due to any number of factors that don't disqualify him or her from RC modelling.

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    Hi friends
    This RC Plane seems to be real plane as it have the specifications and its size is also big like the real plan.


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    The construction of the Advanced Scale Designs RC aircraft is awesome and the RC Range Design Features are also awesome..i like this aircraft personally...its totally build up by the large scale
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