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    Great, I pre-ordered X-zone Edition - that's shop in my country, and it includes blog with AC III logo and quill. So cool school style! :-D
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    Please Ubisoft, I'm a big fan from Assassin's Creed series in Brazil. Do will not release a PC version of Limited Edition? I can afirm that I and other PC real AC fans like me will buy the version. The statue of Connor is Awesome and the rest of the items.
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    If i preordered pc deluxe edition from ubishop for 64.99 means......its the same as the one for $80????
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    So, what happened with all the mp rewards in the DDE version? :<

    nvm forgot to redeem the code ingame >_<
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    How do you get all the additional content of the Join or Die Edition?
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    Originally Posted by RumbleJunkie Go to original post
    How do you get all the additional content of the Join or Die Edition?

    In the join or die , inside the game box you will find 2 papers. 1 is the manual with uplay code and the other have the aditional content code. so in thhe game you need to find the EXTRAS MENU and you put the code in there.
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    Why no ASIA I wanna play that mayan mission
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    I ordered the digital deluxe edition yesterday and I can't find the george washington pdf file and the mpf soundtracks that are suppose to come with it. Can anyone help me with this please? Thanks!
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