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Thread: ACIII Editions announced! EMEA & NA *Updated 8/29 | Forums

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    Okay, thanks!

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    I wonder if there will be a digital deluxe edition like there was for ac2 and brotherhood. (although revelations didn't get one)

    Edit: i just found a digital deluxe version on gamersgate for those interested.
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    Ubisoft you disappoint me. If no Join or Die edition for US how about something even cooler and release a Gadsden edition for US only?

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    This is PATHETIC

    You ask why? There you go:
    • Xbox exclusive. What about PC and PS3?
    • Can't get it from everywhere.
    • You can't have all the game expensions in the same time!
    • PC version will late again
    • Still no necessary options we're requested many time. FOr example, removable armor parts... What an important but little thing... Undone.
    • You guys at UBISOFT DONT CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMERS. Please remember, Everything you got is from their money.
    • Thats a STATUE, not a figure. Figures have moving parts.

    And there is more problem...

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    Angry Controls

    Assassin's creed brotherhoods controls are ****. They **** up every time i try to do something hard! So do a better controls...

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    Can we get the DLC missions and multiplayer packs ( Mayan Ruins, Sharpshooter, etc) from PSN as well? In my country we don't have any special editions.

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    Hey, How come there are no Freedom Edition or Join or Die ed. to the there are only on UK and I got my signature edition from Gamestop.Com, US Come on! I want this game! ANy other alternatives for Asian gamers to order the special editions? The needs an Exclusive UK address and so is the AU.

    Please make it available to us, Ubisoft! There is Ubisoft Singapore, How come the games not coming here? Please advice how to order the Freedom Edition. Thanks

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    That Pc Deluxe edition is a pretty good deal , gj ubi ill tolerate the ****ed delay this time

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    Are the Washington's notebook and collection of music no longer available for the Digital Deluxe? I can't find anything about it on the NA UBIShop.

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    Does the AC3 SEASON PASS include Digital Deluxe content???

    It'd be awesome if the season pass included ALL bonus content coming out for AC3 but I'm guessing it won't. Can anyone from Ubisoft confirm that the Digital Deluxe bonus content is or is NOT included in the season pass???? I just don't wanna spend an extra $15 on the digital deluxe if that content comes with the season pass which I will of course be getting.

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