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    Crandall / Den Ouden

    Thought I'd share this pic. It's from a Dutch newspaper. Spotted it yesterday. It shows Bruce P. Crandall in front of an Dutch Apache helicopter at airbase Gilze Rijen, Holland.
    Crandall was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. For his action at La Drang in november 1965 he received the Medal of Honor. (I believe it was the movie " we where soldiers" that shows the battle).
    The other man is Frits Den Ouden (97 years of age atm). He flew missions with the Glenn Martin B-10 bomber in the Dutch East Indies against the Japanese back in 1941/42.
    He was send to Australie before the surrender and later flew B-25 missions.

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    Awesome. The Apache has capabilities Crandall couldn't even dream about at the time, yet the machine can't match the heart and courage Mr. Crandall displayed. A bid =Salute= to both men for their service.
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    Just today I read in an article that Den Ouden passed away on July 31st, 98 years old. RIP

    He was one of the few bearers of the MWO medal.
    Flew Glenn Martin B-10 missions against the Japanese from Borneo and Java early 1942.
    After that he helped to train pupils at the Royal Netherlands Military Flying-School (Jackson- Mississippi).
    In 1944 he went to Australia (18 Sqn) and flew B-25 mission to New Guinea and Timor.
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