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    Heroes of Might and Magick VI random crashes


    My MoM VI crashes randomly. I´ve tried multiple display resolutions, running in fullscreen and windowed mode. No difference. My specs are as follows.

    Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit.
    Intel Core 2 Duo 8200.
    2gb RAM
    ATI Radeon HD 4550
    Intel SSD drive

    I have updated to the latest ATI drivers and Might and Magick 1.2.1.

    The game runs for about 20-50 minutes then freezes and exits to desktop. The musics continues and the game looks like it is minimized with an icon in the taskbar. Looking at process monitor i can see that it has consumed (and still uses) about 800.900 mb of RAM and 90% of the CPU. Sometimes i get a dialog box telling me that the graphics driver has stopped working, but not always.

    In eventviewr i can see the following error messages: (Translated from swedish)
    The error is in the profram Heroes3.exe, version, the error is the module named unknown.

    and two or three informational message that says:

    Process (Heroes of Might and Magic® III) asked that the window manager for the desktop shall be diactivated.

    I have tried to disable or extra features in the Catalyst control center.

    Antialiasing (set to use application setting)
    Antisotropic (use application setting)
    Disable catalyst AI
    Midmap: High performance
    Disable adaptive anti aliasing

    Any help is appreciated since i´m out of ideas.

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    Hi, have you contacted technical support? you can do so by clicking on the link in my signature.

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    No, will do that. Was hoping someone could give me a hint or some examplesettings on the ati controlpanel that could work.

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    Hey, dialga88

    From the information that you posted about your system it looks like it should work. Ubi-Mush is correct in saying that you should contact technical support so that they can dig deeper to find out what else could be causing the issue.

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    Yes i´ve contacted technical support and i´ve tried out the different suggenstions i´ve got. But, no one of the has fixed the problem yet.

    I´m running the game on a 40" inch LCD tv. Can that have something to do with the problem?

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    LCD tvs that have a VGA/DVI connection that you can connect to your PC are not tested with the game and are not guaranteed to display the game. You can try updating the drivers for that television on your PC. This may add some compatibility with the tv displaying software.

    That being said, the game still may not launch without the game running on a PC monitor.

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