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    Assassin's Creed Recollection :What The Hell Gives?!?

    Dear whoever,

    I'm fed up! i've been a loyal customer for years, wasted alot of money on your games over the years. The problem is tech support, or rather an alarming lack of it! Over the last week of scouring the net for a solution to my problem all i've found is the same thing mentioned over and over by EVERYONE on the various forums who's needed help from Ubisoft.
    BS answers so vague they're almost cryptic in nature, no one gets a straight answer.EVER!!! Or in my case no answer at all. All i want to know is why i cannot connect to your server to buy Animus credits for Assassins Creed Recollection.
    Simple enough:
    my net connection is working fine,
    allow app purchases is on,
    I can buy cards with credits i earn in game,
    I can connect for multiplay,
    but not to GIVE YOU MY MONEY?
    Why is it that when it comes to other companies they give answers right away, if theres even a problem to begin with. I am slowly begining to see why ppl pirate and play on their own servers. Why is it that some random guy can work a job and find time to not only keep a server running but answer any questions users might have, but you guys whos job in part is to do exactly that all day can't do it? I was gonna buy AC3 but whats the point if i can dl it for free and get better tech support from some random guy in his moms basement?

    now that thats out of my system, anyone got any ideas how to fix my prob? LMAO
    (from my little speech im sure you can tell i've been at this all week and am at my wits end)
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    I have a similar problem i have Animus credits that i can't get to, to use i what to get more memory's but can't get to the store to redeem them.
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    I am not very savvy with tech stuff and my experiences with Ubisoft Support is alarmingly similar. I also use an iPad to play AC Recollection. I don't know about you guys but if you are using an iPad as we'll then I can tell you that you need to have either iTune or the App Store open before using the inApp to buy credits. Cause AC Recollection as an app cannot open the iTune or App store on its own. I will communicate if the app or program is already open. Don't know if this is the same issue but hopefully it helps.
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    Please stick this one to appropriate thread dear Ubisoft.
    Here comes the brutal truth...
    $(Durgal)$ is a cheater.
    The player is exploiting a bug in Assassins Creed Recollection giving a player owing Sacred Vault or Odai Dunqas (cost 11) an ability to launch those cards at cost 1.
    Dear players, do not play this cheater !!! Let him score his stinking points hoping Ubisoft will ban this noob for life !!! We are working fair for our credits and this idiot is taking advantage of us. Every time i play this bastard i will just cease playing hoping Ubisoft will deduct all his points and hopefully he will get a ban. What would i give to see this person in real life...
    I sent queries to Ubisoft helpdesk. No reply so far. 3 days now. So... Dear Players...Ubisoft doesnt give a **** about us.
    So three words for durgal... Get a life.
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    I sent ubisoft an email about if there will be an update for the recollection game and still I have not recieved any reply from them. I want to know if there will be an expansion update wiht new set of cards from Assassin's creed 3 and I new story line. Also I want to know if they will continue to update it with new card sets and story mission, because I am thinking of buying some packs with real money and I don't want to buy pack if they are not planning to update it anymore . If they plan on updating it with new card sets and story mission I will continue to play this game.
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