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    Can´t log out from uplay?!

    Hey ho!

    A couple of weeks ago I started to play Project Legacy. Now I finally unlocked the Auditore mnemonic and, of course, want to link it with ACB.
    Connected Facebook to Uplay. Now I´ve got to conect Uplay with ACB, right?
    But I´ve got a weird problem, I don´t know how to log out from Uplay, ingame!
    My boyfriend is logged in there but I´ve got to link the game with my account, not his.
    Is there any way to log him out? I seriously don´t know, maybe it´s a stupid question D:
    ( not the Uplay homepage, ingame. Brotherhood - start menue - uplay - his account)

    thanks ^^'

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    Is there anything wrong with my question? Or did I understand anything the wrong way?? Please replay!! D:

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    Hi, please see the FAQ here If you are having issues then please contact technical support, the link is in my signature.
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