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    how do you start new game/reset profile to start over ?

    I looked at the events i am at and they are mostly need 90,000 to continue and i am out of pratice.

    so i was having fun setting the songs to defualt and relearning them,, is there a way i start a new game so my events will be new again? without having to resintall the game, and re download my songs ?

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    Delete your save file from your console's hard drive.

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    I wouldn't do it. If all you want to do is unlock songs, just master a handful and replace the songs in the setlists with those. I unlocked the last three songs while at level 11, and I'm a mediocre guitarist at best.

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    Also, if it's to relearn the songs from the beginning and practice the easier techniques, you'll want to delete the patch as well as your save game. The patch included a more aggressive dynamic leveling system, so it's likely RS will start handing you most songs partly or mostly leveled even the first time you play them, once you blow away the first event or two. Deleting the patch gets you the original leveling system, which made you step through the intermediate levels of a song. The downside is you'll lose the 30 lives and adjustable mastery in Riff Repeater.

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