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    Well Benson I don`t know if there will ever be a Settlers 8 the complete silence from Ubisoft and the lack of anything new in the current game does seem to suggest they have dropped it cold.
    Most players would be delighted with some new content for the present game which should be easy money and easily done but has not.

    Sadly this game has been left with no means of community developement i.e. a map making program and a complete lack of interaction from UBISOFT OR BLUEBYTE. I know they have the Anno Series on the go at the moment and the online settlers keeping them busy.

    However thier complete reluctance to EVEN BOTHER to answer the questions such as the one you have raised is quite frankly a kick in the teeth to all the loyal fans who have supported Settlers over the years. My response to being ignored is simple I have stopped buying anything with the UBISOFT name on it,

    Fans of Settlers have been asking for more content or news as to the future of this game or the series, it would not take much for someone in the UBISOFT empire to update fans either on the news section of the Homepage or on this Forum - I suppose people will just have to keep pestering them until they do.

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