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    Thumbs up how do i get my money back for a product that should have never been released?

    i have been a huge fan of homm, i have every release to date... but i am rather disappointed ubisoft released homm 6 before it was ready.
    the same thing happened with masters of the univerise 3, and it is still unplayable and never will be.

    i would like to know how i can get my money back for this product that should never have been released yet?

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    Hi poweraxis, the contact us details are here ensure the page is on your region. Alternatively you can contact technical support, the link is in my signature.

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    ok, first off i asked how can i get my money back, not where do i get tech support... you gave me a link to a european phone number, i am in the united states.

    this game is bugged, and may never work for all i know... personally i think it was very bad business to release a game that was so bugged it wouldnt even load on some systems, and the ones that it did load on had more issues than would be considered acceptable.

    i dont want tech help at this point... I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!

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    Hi poweraxis

    Unfortunately Ubisoft does not have a money back guarantee for customers that do not like the game. There is not a way to get a refund through the publisher.

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    so what your telling me is ubisoft is not liable for selling something that doesnt work and can market anything they want without recourse?

    this product does not work, it can not be played as intended...

    do not like the game?
    WHAT GAME? I CANT PLAY IT!!! I CANT EVEN LOAD IT!!! all i have is a disc that loads something that locks up my computer when i try to launch it. and judging from these message boards, there are many experiencing the same thing... i have yet to see a positive post on this site, so that means everyone is having a problem with your product.

    guess i will have to contact a lawyer and see if there is a legal way we can approach this. i am not some little kid you can blow off, now i have to decide whether i want to spend the money to pursue this or let ubisoft get away with selling a flawed product to an unsupecting public. first stop the bbb... a free way to at least warn others of what kind of company ubisoft is.

    you may or may not hear from me again... flip a coin ubisoft.

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    Since you hadn't said that you were having an issue launching the game it looked like you were stating that you did not like the game for what it was. If you had posted the issue that you were having then we would have been able to help you with your problem. So we are going to need to know what issues you are having with launching the game and if you would fully elaborate on the issue and any errors that you may be having. We can then try and troubleshoot your problem.

    As to people that are posting on the community tech help forums, they are only going to be posting about problems that they are having with the game. That is what this forum is for.

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    i doubt you would go through the court costs to sue Ubisoft unless probono. just finished downloading HOMMVI Deluxe Edition via Steam special sale but my CD-key is not working. saw that i can play in offline mode by adding /offine in Properties > Launch setting but still ..

    i'm disappointed.

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    The big thread in the general discussion was just responded, it would seems that the prooblem is fixed, all you have to do is reenter the key and you will be able to play.

    Can't testt it myself but i thought I'd spread the word.

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