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    Quote Originally Posted by bradiam View Post
    Yeah, it's pretty subdued. It's a little easier to pick up here.

    Guitarist has a capo on first fret. If the DLC leak is true, how will rocksmith deal with that? Also still doesn't seem to really be a song with enough guitar for a guitar oriented game.

    I probably wouldn't buy any of these songs unless the chart looked really fun/instructional.

    I sincerely hope that nobody says Maroon 5 is funk. That will make my head explode and ruin my day.

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    It's the sungha Jung version of this love, and I would enjoy priest and ee.

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    proof source pic etc

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    That Kid is really good, Rocksmith however wont recognize a lot of his 5th string notes cause he's fretting to hard and partially bending the string. good vid

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    For what it's worth, I have personally seen xbox live make this mistake before and provide a sneak peak of content yet to come because some data entry person hit the wrong ****on. The OP doesn't post, but has been around since 2005. I doubt a troll would gestate an account for 7 years just to troll. So I choose the believe what the OP saw and am looking forward to some of this DLC at some point in the future!

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    I heard awhile back from a eb games employee that Pearl Jam and Judas Priest were coming soon and one week later there was the Pearl Jam Songs so I think it's a safe bet to say Judas Priest is one of them. I heard Rob Halford jumped at the chance to be on Rocksmith.

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    i would buy it

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    Maybe they are UK songs, that will not be released in the USA?
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    I would love some evanesence to play, specially since dlc in rocksmith is lacking good songs.

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