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    Credits were not delivered!

    Recently I bought some credits via the in-app purchase system on my iphone. But I didn't receive any credits since the system said I could not connected to the server. Later I closed the app and reopen it, entered the store, a message pop up and said my purchase is successfully. But I didn't receive any credits! I tried to purchase again, then I could only get the credits which I purchased second time. I was indeed charged for the credits purchased but didn't receive them. Would please advise how could I get those credits back? Thanks a lot!
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    I went to contact us at the bottome of page, created a question and submitted it. Shortly afterwards I was told that I should have all my cards but should log out and log back in to correct it. Sometime between when I submitted my question and checked the credits were there...did a dev or someone put them there or did they just finally show up, who knows but thats what I did and recieved my credits. My situation was very similar to yours.
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    Thanks a lot! I will try it.
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