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    Credits not deliverd

    I recently bought some credits via the in-app purchase system on my Ipad. One of the times after my purchases I didn't receive any credits and thought maybe I just didn't click the b u t t o n or internet dropped or something along those lines caused them to not show up. I went ahead and purchased it once more thinking my first purchase didn't go through. After looking at my receipt I noticed that I was indeed charged for the credits purchased but didn't receive them. This only happened once and I'm not looking for a refund but would like to receive the credits I purchased. Should I contact Ubi for this if so how? Or is this issue something I need to go through apple for? Any advice would be helpful as I'm new to purchasing apps and making in-app purchases. Thanks in advance.
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    Anyone have any advice?
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    All settled.
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    Excellent Entruvi,

    Sorry for the late reply. We noticed your issue yesterday and took care of it.

    In any case, thx for coming back to us with confirmation that our fix went through.
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    Your welcome, all in all it was setteled very quickly once I submitted a question through the contact us link. So thank you for the quick fix.
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