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    Can't complete mission.

    I just completed the mission where I had to rescue Quarbani Singh from a UFFL fishing camp. I released him but my mission objective didn't update. The marker is still in the fishing camp. Is the mission "broken"?
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    Nobody has any idea? I can't even start a new mission because the game thinks this one isn't complete. I went back to the fishing village and the guy I was supposed to rescue (a new buddy) was gone. I even went back to the guy that gave me the mission and he ignored me.

    I'd hate to restart at an earlier place.
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    Ok. I must be missing something. I did a mission exactly like the one I posted about, just for the other side. I went back to Mikes bar and the buddy I rescued was there. I thought "great", thus will complete the mission. But it didn't. I'm in the same situation. Ive done all the mission objectives (1), but the mission won't update and u can't start any new missions. I can't believe that 2 missions that are basically identical are both broken so u must missing something. Im Hoping that someone will remember these missions and tell me what I'm missing. I'm screwed until then.
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    When stuff like that happens either you missed a detail in the mission script or its a major glitch.
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    This happened to me. Turned out i didn't stay long enough with character to have conversation with. Try going back to where you found him and listern to what he says. Wait untill he leaves and this should complete the mission.
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