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    should i... first 4 ACs

    Should i buy 1, 2, B, and R.

    I have played the first a little and im really liking 3 so should i play them and try to get the story down

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    yes you should, the story is gonna be very hard to grasp in AC3 so you better get all the games now and play before you buy AC3 or the experience will be >_> confusing and horrible and zeus will smite thee with his THUNDERBOLT..>_>

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    In my opinion, you should definitely play the first 4 installments before playing AC3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phenom2321 View Post
    Should i buy 1, 2, B, and R.

    I have played the first a little and im really liking 3 so should i play them and try to get the story down
    You won't get any answer other than "Yes" here

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    Yeah you really should. At least play AC2.

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    i would buy AC2 and ACB, ACR was good, but unless you really want it, it wasn't really as good a standard as AC2 and ACB as it had a shorter storyline and side missions, so i'd just watch a lets play of it, hannah from the yogscast did a good play through

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    Essential: AC2, ACB
    Worth playing: AC1
    Skippable: ACR

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    No AC fan will tell you not to at least play them all for the story. There is no possible way you won't be lost going into AC3 without playing them or at least doing extensive research. But they're all amazing and I promise you will have fun playing them, so I suggest you do it anyway.

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    I got AC1 when it came out, AC2 when it came out and skipped Brotherhood and Revelations up until yesterday when I bought Revelations.

    Honestly, I watched the story for both Brotherhood and Revelations online and got the jist of everything I missed, so you could reasonably watch the games (playthroughs and/or cut-scenes) on YouTube over the next months and pretty much know the story of the games if you don't feel like spending the money on all of these games. Eventually though, you should buy them all. Like Brotherhood, I doubt I get it before I get AC3, but eventually down the line I plan on getting it for a few bucks just so I can go back and play through them all in marathons.

    So yeah, the guy above me isn't correct; if you don't feel like dropping the cash you can YouTube all of the games and know just as much as anyone else. Although picking up AC1 and AC2 probably wouldn't be too very expensive anyway, but yeah, do it anyway you want.

    I also find it funny how people say AB is essential. I watched that game and it's far from essential, so far from essential that I skipped playing it all together for the time being, but this is probably an issue of taste. There is ONE vital event that happens in Brotherhood and you can watch it on YouTube. Basically, the two ACII expansions do not do the first two games justice and please do not buy into this "you don't need to play AC1' **** that has been spreading around the net like a virus. The game is easily the best in the series.
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    I might do it since ive been in the hospital for the last week qnd will be home for a week or more, with nothing to do really. It should cost me about 100 though, so we will see. Thanks guys

    Another thing, the story seems really deep and interesting. Do you guys agree or have a difficult time understanding it or anything. Do i need to play the mobiles to get a full understanding or anything
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