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    Mind you don't get your trousers caught in the chain(s)

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedToo View Post

    Nice quality. Beautiful machining. It's also ugly at the same time though. Beautiful machine, done in a ugly way.

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    It's the process of machining from billet items that would originally have been cast in moulds, that gives these sorts of restoration such a clinical look. At the end of the day it's just four cylinders arranged radially. That primitive valve system would have contributed to the design being a dog to keep running on the primitive roads and/or board tracks of the day (1909).
    A plumber's nightmare, as the Vincent V-twin was commonly known, wrought double in the Torpedo. And, hey, what a name for a motorcycle? It launches, sinks out of sight and eventually explodes Sounds about right!

    Anyway, as the saying goes, it keeps us from hanging around on street corners, right?


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