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    Free Agent Looking for Team (Xbox 360)

    Hey all, I am not new to the Ghost Recon games, I have played them before but not very excessively. I really think that Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is going to be a great game and I just want to get on a team that wants to go competitive with the game. I have torunament experience and have been on many succesful teams. on different games. My gamertag is XtenT pZ, either add me on xbox or just message me here.

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    Hey! It doesn't look like you're getting much activity, so I figured I would post here.

    I was was actually looking for a small team to play Future Soldier with, and it looks like I found one My gamertag is JibJub1212. I have a mic, and love to work as a team-player. I'm looking forward to playing with you if you would like to

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    send me a friend request IV THA POVERTY then signup for gamebattles asap. we will remain a top team like like always.

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    @gucciguns: I'll add you.

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    cool looks like you guys are gettin a good team together and i want to be a part of if add me my gamer tag is rockton607 see ya round

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    Hey guys,

    I want to start a team/clan that competes on tournaments/leagues. I would want it so members play with each other online and have a good time. I don't want to set requirments like to attend mandatory practices or say you need to play a certain number of hours a week. I believe that when people start to play together and they communicate with each other on there own.

    I have already started working on a site, I was thinking the team name would be Covert Force.

    If anyone would be willing to help me build it up I would only ask that atleast you would be active in our community.

    XBOX GTag = Techno Corn

    Look forward to seeing some of you on line. I will add those already in this thread and xbox msg you.

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    hey extent,
    think I saw you on the game battles website. just wanted to remind you about evil corp gaming. You can check out the site at
    We've already got about 13 people who will be playing the beta, some with the hopes of being competitive, others just for fun.

    You can check out our ghost recon forums which you can see by clicking on the forums tab

    GT: Slem Dog
    Hit me up if you wanna play (even if you're not interested in joining Evil Corp Gaming)

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    Hey, i'm a huge Ghost Recon fan. I'm very good. I'm a team player. Yes I have a mic. I mainly play after 9pm sometimes in the morning. I'm looking to join and strong active team/clan. my gamertag Co1dB1ooded187 <=== The L's are #1

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    if any of you guys still are looking for a clan, just hop over to, we play games such as BF3, and MW3, and soon Ghost Recon, we have NO prerequisites you have to have (high K/D ratio, clan experience, GB experience, etc) we have about 20 people, and are currently recruiting. promotions are based off of playing time and forum visits. we are unbiased and have our doors open to just about anyone, if you have questions, message sLaYeRcRiSiSX or LegendarySpartn on XBL or just go to the website and fill out a clan application for the game of your choice today.

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    My tag is AfterTheFire
    I have a good mic and am a good team player
    I play as a rifleman and always push the objective

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